Our chocolate

At Ismageriet, we care about the quality of the chocolate we use at least as much as we do about the ice cream we produce. This includes everything from the quality of the cocoa beans and the soil they are grown in, to the conditions of the farmers.

Lab Noir
Noble Dark is developed at Lab Noir in France by combining specific cocoa beans, each with their own unique characteristics.

The Noble Darkness of Ice Cream

All our chocolate products are therefore organic and Fair Trade certified, purchased through partners who ensure that cocoa farmers and their families are paid fairly.

We have even developed our very own dark chocolate, 'Ismageriets Ædel Mørk'.

Noble Dark is a powerful 70% chocolate and is used in all our dark chocolate products, such as our chocolate ice cream, stracciatella, mint chocolate and chocolate soft ice cream.

A little about cocoa beans
Cocoa beans grow along the equator, and depending on where on the globe they are grown, they have different flavors. Some are acidic, others are more aromatic or fruity in flavor. By mixing and matching the composition of cocoa beans, you can create a chocolate that is unique and compliments the ice cream without overpowering the flavor.
When we don't use noble dark

In our products where we use white, Ruby or milk chocolate, we use Callebaut's organic chocolate.

Cocoa Horizon Foundation

Through their 'Cocoa Horizon Foundation', Callebaut helps to implement the idea of sustainability in agriculture, strengthen women's rights and ensure children's education. They do this while providing funds and training to farmers so they can grow and harvest the highest quality beans.