About Ismageriet

Homemade ice cream made from fresh and responsible ingredients.
Our story - good and short

Ismageriet's first store on Kongelundsvej opened in 2005, framed by a detached house that had been a popular family-owned bakery since 1958. When Ismageriet's founder visited the fine bakery in 2003, he immediately fell in love with the store's cozy retro interior, which was still intact from when the store was built in the late 50s.

Then, in 2016, Ismageriet opened a second store at Søborg Hovedgade 34, and subsequently swapped our cozy but small start-up space on Kongelundsvej for the store in Mikado House by DR-byen. In 2023, Ismageriet opened the doors to another store at Flæsketorvet 45-55 in Kødbyen.

Our ice cream
Inspired by classic Italian gelato, Ismageriet's ice cream is produced in the backroom of each store, in small batches throughout the day. This ensures that the ice cream at the counter is always freshly made and has the perfect creamy consistency.

Our vision is to offer our customers homemade ice cream of the highest quality and a wide range of exciting flavors. The ice cream shop's assortment is therefore seasonal and changes weekly, so there is always something new to taste
Our ice cream production

Our milk ice cream is made by heating our base ingredients - milk, sugar, skimmed milk powder and stabilizer. By heating them up, the ingredients are melted together and any bacteria are killed. This process is called pasteurization. The base is then cooled, left to rest for 12 hours and then it's ready to be turned into ice cream. This is done by our ice cream makers adding flavor ingredients such as coconut, caramel, chocolate, etc. and running the base through our ice cream machine.

Our sorbets are made by blending unprocessed berries or fruits with sugar, water and lemon. As we use fresh berries and fruits, their sweetness can vary greatly, so we use the sugar and lemon to adjust the flavor. Then we add vegetable stabilizer and the base is now ready to run through our ice cream machine.

Our ingredients

We use natural and fresh ingredients.

Some of our main ingredients are:

Milk and cream supplied by Arla.

Hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds sourced from Italy.

In season fresh berries from local gardens.