Terms and conditions for Ismageriet.dk

This website is owned and operated by: Ismageriet ApS, Flæsketorvet 45-55, 1711 Copenhagen V. CVR. No. 33048122. ismageriet@ismageriet.dk phone +4560601040. When you make a purchase on our website ismageriet.dk and check "I confirm the terms and conditions" when ordering, you thereby accept that you agree to the terms and conditions below, regardless of whether you are a private person or acting on behalf of a company.

1. Assortment / discontinued variants

To ensure that you always get freshly made ice cream when you shop with Ismageriet, we always pack your order the same day it is ordered. This is because we produce our ice cream fresh in our stores every single day. We continuously change our assortment ("ice cream of the week", "ice cream of the month", "holiday ice cream" etc. It may therefore happen that a pre-ordered ice cream variant is sold out/discontinued when your ice cream is packed - regardless of whether it was ordered a long time ago. We therefore make reservations for sold-out variants in relation to orders and bookings when you shop with us both in stores and on the webshop. Although it can be annoying that your favorite variant is sold out, it is our way of ensuring that the ice cream is always freshly made and meets our high quality standards. We do this so that our guests always get the same great quality experience every single time they visit us - freshly made ice cream, made the same day it is ordered.

2. Ordering

You can pre-order your ice cream on our website and we will have it ready for you when you pick it up, and you can skip the store queue by going to web pickup. You can read more about our products and order your ice cream here: www.ismageriet.dk

3. Prices

Pre-ordering and paying for liter boxes on Ismageriet.dk, where you pick up the order in one of our stores, gives you a 10% discount. Discounts are not available on all other products or services. If the website is not functional for any reason, it does not entitle you to a discount when contacting/buying in the stores.All prices stated on Ismageriet.dk are inclusive of VAT and daily prices are stated in Danish kroner. We reserve the right to change prices and applicable discounts without further notice.

4. Pick-up in store

You must present your order confirmation and state the name in which the order was ordered at pick-up. If you need an invoice for the purchase, it can be downloaded via the link in the order confirmation. If you have chosen to register as a customer with a login on the website, it is possible to view previous orders on the website via your login. If you are not registered and would like a new copy of your order confirmation, please send an email to ismageriet@ismageriet.dk

5. Delivery

It is not possible to have the goods delivered via ordering on ismageriet.dk, but we have partnered with a third-party supplier who handles ordering and delivery from all Ismageriet's stores. If you want delivery, go to the supplier's website and order your ice cream there. You can do this here: https://www.just-eat.dk/ismageriet If your order is delayed or not delivered, please contact the supplier listed on your order confirmation.

6. Payment

On Ismageriet.dk you can pay with Dankort, Visa/Dankort, Mastercard and American Express. You can also pay with MobilePay (web only). Payment is debited from the payment card on the day of the order. Ismageriet reserves the right to charge a transaction fee according to local rules and regulations.

7. Cancellation/change of order

If you wish to make a correction to a pre-order, please contact us as soon as possible by e-mail at ismageriet@ismageriet.dk or call us at 60601040. If your order has not been produced/packed yet, we will be happy to correct it.Liter boxes/desserts/pies: You can cancel your order as long as we have not yet packed your order (for liter boxes) or started production (ice cream pies/desserts). Once we have produced the cake/dessert (according to your wishes) or packed your liter box (with your desired flavors), you can no longer cancel your order. If you want to cancel, please contact us at 60601040 or write an email to ismageriet@ismageriet.dkIsdisk: You can cancel your ice cream counter no later than 7 days before the agreed delivery date. If you cancel later, a fee of DKK 500 will be charged. If you want to change ice cream variants, you can do so up to 3 days before the delivery date. Event (catering): You can cancel your event no later than 10 days before. If you cancel later, we will charge a fee of DKK 1000. If you cancel 3 days before or less, you will be charged the full amount. If you wish to change ice cream flavors for your event, you must do so no later than 7 days before the event date.

8. Right of withdrawal/return

There is no right of withdrawal when purchasing food products such as ice cream, and ismageriet.dk therefore does not grant any right of withdrawal. (Consumer Contracts Act §18, paragraph 2, no. 3 and 4.) Uncollected orders are frozen and must be picked up within 3 days. After this, the order will be given to charity without the possibility of a refund.

9. Errors and complaints

If you find a defect in the product or have any other complaint about the goods, please respond immediately by contacting the staff. If the ice cream has been eaten, we are unable to process your complaint. If you have pre-ordered via our website and picked up your goods, it is a requirement that you document the error/complaint with a picture (e.g. if you have received the wrong ice cream variant compared to what you ordered). Send your complaint to klage@ismageriet.dk and attach photo documentation and order number. If the complaint is justified, we will of course offer a new product of the same type or other appropriate compensation.

10. Gift cards

Gift cards for ismageriet.dk are valid for 3 years from the date of issue of the gift card. Any residual value can be redeemed in cash for up to one year after the expiry of the gift card. If you wish to redeem a gift card for cash before the expiry of the validity period, we charge a fee of DKK 25 to cover the cost of redemption.

11. Rental conditions for our ice cream counters

When you rent our ice cream counter, we deduct a deposit of DKK 1,500 when ordering. We do this to take care of our equipment and ensure that we receive it back clean and intact:
Equipment provided - replacement prices
1 scoop spoon [400 kr.]
4 variant signs [50 kr. each]
2 steel rails [150 kr. each]
4 steel canteens [200 kr. each]
Plastic lids [1200 kr.]
Hinges for lids [150 kr. each]
If the ice cream counter is returned dirty [150 kr.]
If the ice tray is returned too late [500 kr.]
Other damage/loss/theft/total damage: (cheapest in bill)

The deposit of DKK 1,500 will be refunded to the card/account used for the booking within 7 working days after return, if the ice counter and accessories are returned in the same condition as delivered. In the event of late return, missing or damaged equipment, or return of an uncleaned ice counter, this will be deducted from the deposit based on the above prices.

The ice counter is picked up between 12:00-13:00 on the day in question and returned cleaned the following day between 10:00-11:00. You can cancel your booked ice cream counter no later than 7 days before the agreed delivery date by writing to ismageriet@ismageriet.dk. If you cancel later, a fee of DKK 500 will be deducted from the deposit. If you wish to change ice cream variants, you can do so no later than 3 days before the delivery date to ismageriet@ismageriet.dk

12. Events (catering)

You can see what we can offer on our website here: https://ismageriet.dk/collections/events (You can have the ice cream cart delivered to fewer than 200 people, but you still pay for 2 scoops for a minimum of 200 people.)
You can change ice cream flavors no later than 7 days before the event, and only the flavors listed under "Event assortment" on the website.
You can see the assortment here: https://ismageriet.dk/collections/event-sortiment
We drive to events on Zealand, and driving is included in the price for driving within a radius of 15 km from Copenhagen City Hall Square. Driving beyond this:

DKK 10 per kilometer. When you book us for your event, you need to make sure
- That both the ice cream cart and the ice cream counter must be indoors or under a canopy
- A power outlet (230 volts) where we will be located (- we always bring an extension cord)
- A legal parking space for us - both for car and trailer. We look forward to giving you an experience.

Thank you for shopping with us.
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Email: ismageriet@ismageriet.dk
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