Pre-order online

Of course, we recommend that you always choose an accurate time to pick up your order.

However, you can always pick up your order 'too late' if it is still on the same day. You don't need to call or write to inform us about it.

If you arrive before your pick-up time, you can't expect your order to be ready and you should expect to wait while we pack it.

Our Favorite ice cream cakes can always be ordered 1 hour before pickup, provided they are not sold out.

Our Combine-yourself ice cream cakes must be ordered at least 48 hours before pickup.

Besides the convenience of sitting on the couch or at work and selecting your ice cream, you also receive a 10% discount on online orders of liter boxes. You can also skip the line at pickup.

Allergens and content in ice cream

Yes, all our sorbets are both lactose-free and vegan as we use a plant-based stabilizer and the ice cream itself is made from fruit/berries, lemon juice water and sugar.

If you are unsure if a variant is vegan, please ask our sales assistant.

Gelatine/animal starch: We never add animal gelatine, but it may occur in the few cases where we use marshmallows we don't produce ourselves - for example in our Christmas foam ice cream.

Gluten, eggs and alcohol: all of these ingredients can be found in our ice cream. For example, there is almost always both gluten and eggs in our flavors that contain biscuit and cookie crumble. Alcohol is found in our flavors such as tiramisu, Baileys ice cream and champagne sorbet.

If a variant contains eggs, gluten, alcohol or similar, it is always clearly stated in the allergen list on our assortment page.

If you are in doubt, please ask the shop assistant.

Go to the 'assortment' page - which can be selected from the main menu. Find the variant in question and click on it to see its allergen list.

All our ice creams may contain traces of nuts and peanuts, and we therefore recommend that people with nut allergies do not eat our ice cream.

No - all our variants contain sugar.


All our gift cards expire 3 years from the date of issue.

We stopped selling discount cards in November 2019, and as of January 1, 2023, we have phased them out completely. They can therefore no longer be used in any of our stores.

All our gift cards can be used in our physical stores and online.

Ice cream cakes

Our pre-designed Favorites can always be ordered just 1 hour before pickup, provided they are not sold out.

Our Combine-yourself ice cream cakes must be ordered at least 48 hours before pickup.

One ice cream cake is suitable for parties of 12-18 people.

The amount of ice cream in our ice cream cakes means that 12 people can have three scoops of ice cream, or 18 people can each have two scoops of ice cream.

Diameter: 33cm Height: 13cm

Nej, det er det ikke. Vi tilbyder en 'kombiner-selv' islagkage hvor man kan vælge is. Man kan ikke tilpasse islagkagerne yderligere end det.

Liter boxes

A 1-liter can contains approximately 12 scoops of ice cream. That's 2 scoops for 6 people, 3 scoops for 4 people, or 4 scoops for 3 people.

As a general rule, we recommend that you eat the ice cream within 3 months of purchase, as it will then decrease in quality and neither texture nor taste will be optimal. However, you cannot get sick from eating ice cream after 3 months.

We also recommend that you never put ice cream back in the freezer if it has been completely thawed. This will result in ice crystals, which is not delicious.

Længde (L) Højde (H) Width (W)

0.75 - L21cm H8cm W12cm

1 liters - L23,5cm H13,5cm W9cm

1.5 liters - L24,5cm H10cm W15cm

2 liters - L30cm H13cm W15cm

Parties and events

No - we do not offer a quantity discount, but you always receive 10% when ordering liter boxes online.

Ja, helt frem til en uge før brugsdagen kan du afbestille din isdisk uden at betale dit depositum

Our event booking is done online.

Ice cream counters are booked through the website, and the ice cream cart can be booked by either filling out our online form or writing to booking@ismageriet.dk.

Isdiskens mål: Længde: 90 cm. Bredde: 56 cm. Højde: 60 cm.

Isdiskens  vægt: 25 kilo + isens vægt.

De fleste biler har plads til isdisken i bagagerummet eller på bagsædet.


Yes, you bet we do. We're open seven days a week, all year round, with the exception of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your experience at Ismageriet, we hope you will bring the issue to our attention so that we can rectify our mistake.

You can direct any complaints to klage@ismageriet.dk

If you are seeking compensation due to a defect, we ask that you send a photo of the product defect. If we do not receive photo documentation, we cannot offer to process the complaint. .

Yes, you can pay with MobilePay - but only when ordering online.

Ja vi sælger morgenmad alle ugens dage.

Hverdage: 07.30-14.00

Weekenden: 09.00-14.00

Ja, vi sælger softice og milkshake.

Vi tilbyder flere varianter softice, herunder chokolade, jordbær og vanilje. Du kan også vælge mellem forskellige slags drys i butikken.

Milkshake kan du lave din egen blanding af is. Her kan du vælge mellem 2 eller 3 kugler.

*Man kan kun bestille det i butikken*