Klassisk flødekaramel is med blød karamelsauce. 

Allergener: Mælkeprodukter (herunder laktose), og kan indeholde spor af nødder og jordnødder. 



Nothing less than the best ice cream in the world

Seriously good ice cream! In fact, probably the best in the world! Even though we have 25 km to the ice cream shop, we come quite often to get ice cream. Wish they would open a shop near Greve or Køge.


Worlds best ice cream

The ice cream is made fresh in the shop every day and you can really taste it. I visit the shop regularly and all their ice creams are so delicious. I always get great service from the sweet smiling staff. It's definitely worth a visit.


Absolutely fantastic ice cream!!

Absolutely fantastic ice cream! The different flavor combinations in the ice cream shop are all so well designed. Definitely a good choice for all ice cream lovers ..... and by the way, the service is always top notch. ;D